What We Do

Renewable Energy

. Dan Energy Research and Development Plc is focused to tap the unexplored renewable energy with great depth and width in different topography of the country. 

Solar power energy

In the solar power generation sector, de Energy is engaged in the development of off-grid and on-grid solutions. Both solutions are provided in-partnership with world renowned international companies in the field.

Wind energy farms

The wind energy exploration in our country is on an infant stage and given the power demand of the country there is a lot to be done. de Energy is ready to work with international companies specialized in the field


There are many dams under construction for power generation in Ethiopia and more are in the pipe line. de Energy is getting itself ready to in the sector as part of its strategy.

Geothermal power exploration

Studies indicate that the Great Rift Valley that passes through the southern part of Ethiopia has huge potential of geothermal power generation. de Energy is currently seeking partner companies to explore and exploit this potential for the development of our country.

Energy storage and hybrid energy

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Digital Technologies

Our Digital Technologies Division is currently developing in-house the following web and mobile based systems;

Dan Property Management System

A comprehensive solution to all property management matters and deals directly with prospects and tenants.

Et Mart E-Commerce System

ET-mart e-commerce system is a Business to Consumer (B2C) type, where businesses sell their goods and /or services directly to the consumers online.

E-Logistics System

An application that transforms the traditional logistics processes to a modern way, backed-up by internet-based technologies.

Dan Pay E-Payment System

A Secure, Comprehensive, Versatile web-based and mobile application E-wallet system that allows users to access and use their money on the go.

Digital eQub

Equb is an Ethiopian traditional way of saving money, a kind of rotating credit association. Digital eQub is a modern, web-based version of money saving system whereby by people from all walks of life can participate.

agri tech

It is Dan Energy’s vision to engage in Hi-Tech Agricultural Development for the obvious reason that the method of farming in the country is very backward and it is imperative to boost the yield using advanced techniques and technologies to enable the country feed itself.


de Security4.0 is partnering with leading companies specialized in integrated security system solutions for the protection of personal properties, 

 critical infrastructures and other vulnerable sites with remote command and control features. 

The services we offer


Whether it’s conducting a needs analysis, providing a risk assessment or updating a security system, We have the expertise to help. We are up to date on innovative technologies and methods, and work with trusted partners to deliver effective security systems for organizations across the globe


We ensure that the security systems we design meet or exceed specified requirements. Using a consultative design approach, we ensure that our solutions provide exactly what each customer wants and needs.


Our integrated security solutions professionals are well-versed in security requirements and directives.

Project Management & Supervision

Starting with the customer, we gain an in-depth understanding of requirements. Next, working with our in-house engineering teams, we design the right solution to address the requirements. All equipment is tested prior to delivering it to the site to ensure the system will behave as expected. We manage suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure a smooth installation and set-up.


Our technical experts carry out or supervise every step of the implementation ensuring that the system performs as designed. We work with a wide range of contractors and tradespeople including electrical, mechanical and civil to provide turnkey installations.

Support and Training


de Defense4.0 is a new addition which is under establishment. The main objective of this business unit will be to introduce new technologies, concepts, know how etc. in Air, Land, Naval and Cyber defense through special partnership with international companies that have the expertise.


de Infrastructure is a business unit that is established to develop conceptual infrastructural projects and recommend to public and private institutes for development. The projects are mostly mega in nature which are expected to bring breakthrough in the socio-economic situation of the country. The projects are mainly inspired by cutting edge technologies and developed by well-known think thanks in the industry.

de Infrastructure also serves as a platform to bring the investment arms of institutions and project concept developers together for a common goal.

Start Ups

de Start Ups is established to encourage young innovators to realize their dreams into a successful startup business. de Start Ups works with people who have business ideas but doesn’t have the facility and capacity to develop them. Our company avails the infrastructure, such as office space, internet, communication facilities, etc. to the people to incubate their ideas.

If the business case is feasible, financial assistance will be availed to develop the prototype jointly. Once the prototype is produced and found to be successful, de Start Ups will invest for mass production or delivery, in case of services, with pre-agreed terms and conditions. 


de Engineering is the core of our company. Comprised of young and vibrant engineers from various disciplines, it conducts different kinds of research and development works in areas that the company engaged itself. The team handles projects from concept development to design, prototype manufacturing and verification supported by the inhouse technical workshop. Typical example is the Solar Home System developed by the team.

de Engineering is available to serve our esteemed customers should they need engineering services in its area of specialty.